Posted by: kentridgehall | April 18, 2008

Camp Blue Blood


DATE: 5th – 7th JUNE 2008
(Inclusive of all meals, accommodation and a camp t-shirt)

It’s the camp where you have the chance to know more about KENT RIDGE HALL and its people!!

So come and join in the fun!! 😀

For those who are interested, do email us at

Posted by: kentridgehall | April 8, 2008

Hello world!

The sun’s out and through the bright early light and past the morning alarm buzz, the welcome sounds of the breakfast gang beckons. It’s sheer drudgery crawling out of bed and the food’s nothing to rave about, but hey, nothing cures the tragedy of an 8am tutorial like Family.

Classes come and go, faces shuffle with each turn of CORS, and school can be a world of strangers, Forum bazaars, and canteen lunches. Now that’s a blessing compared to banging on doors waking up sleepy lecturemates to chase buses to class, but hey, there’s no one better to chase buses with than Family.

And when the classes are over and the assignments flood into IVLE, Block Dinnertime’s serious therapy for the stressed soul in need of good laughs, caring friends, and fluctuating food quality. Sure the conversation might be as rubbish as the bones and uneaten veggies it lingers over, but hey, analysing the latest in hall romance is always hot with Family.

Then it’s off to the lobby, where they’re all in boots about to hit the sports fields, where they’re bumping and grinding to hiphop beats, where they’re belting out hot tunes through the music room doors. When it’s over it’s late and everyone’s tired, but hey, with all the backslapping and laughter, it’s just pure fun to do this with Family.

And finally there’s time for that lab report, that essay on nationalism, that revision for the midterm next week. And it’s time to close the room door, even though everyone’s still awake and having fun because there’s work, work, work. And then there’s a knock on the door.

But hey, when it’s a pack of steaming hot supper from your neighbors, they can knock on your door all they want. Because they’re Family.