About KR

.: History :.

First commissioned on 5 December 1981 as King Edward Hall at Kent Ridge (KEKR) by then-President of Singapore and Chancellor of NUS Mr. Devan Nair, the KR that we have all come to know and love had its humble beginnings on the hillside of Lower Kent Ridge Road, next to Yusof Ishak House (YIH). KEKR was later renamed to the present Kent Ridge Hall (KR) in December 1985, with a new crest and motto – “Seek, Strive, Excel” – emblazoned on its flag.

Conveniently situated in the heart of NUS, students enjoyed easy access to student facilities at YIH, as well as the Sports and Recreational Centre (SRC) just across the road. The impressive array of facilities included recreational lounges, billiards rooms, a gymnasium and a computer lab, offering residents an avenue for leisure and relaxation.

With its blocks housing a total of 440 residents split between single and double rooms, the ‘old KR’ (as it is now affectionately termed) provided not just a bed to sleep in for the night, but rather a cozy ‘home away from home’. The hall soon established a culture of being ‘a family hall’, where residents looked out for one another, and tightly-knit friendships were formed and nurtured.

Being the first hall of residence in existence, there were no footsteps to follow or manuals to read as the first Junior Common Room Committee (JCRC) worked hard to set in motion the many traditions that Kentridgeans continue up to this very day. Examples include the Inter-Block Games (IBG), Formal Dinner and the Annual Dinner and Dance (DnD). Such activities set the stage for KR to become renowned throughout campus and beyond for its “happening-ness” and vibrancy.

Change came knocking on the main entrance of Kent Ridge Hall in late 2002, when the hall was uprooted and relocated to its present site at Heng Mui Keng Terrace, alongside its newfound neighbour, Sheares Hall. The old KR buildings were left mostly intact, and have been converted into another student residence, known today as Ridgeview Residences.

Officially opened on 3 January 2004 by President S.R. Nathan, the new KR complex consists of 5 blocks with 506 single rooms, and boasts the newest facilities on campus, which include LAN connections in every room, kitchens and lounges in every block, as well as a fully air-conditioned multi-purpose hall and gymnasium. Block rooftops afford residents a place to chill-out and enjoy late-night suppers, while a communal recreational room allow for mingling and interaction between members of different blocks. Even the single major grouse amongst Kentridgeans, having to make a dash for the bus stop on rainy days, had been addressed with the recent construction of a sheltered linkway.

Location-wise, despite being moved away from the buzz of activity on campus, the close proximity to the internal shuttle bus stop at the faculty of Business, and – more importantly for supper-inclined Kentridgeans – Fong Seng (the supper place for most hungry hostelites at 3am) pretty much make up for the loss.

Infinitely more important than the new buildings that make up KR, the culture and spirit of Kent Ridge Hall not only survived, but thrived in its new home. KR made history when it won the coveted Chancellor’s shield for RAG and Flag 06/07, and its award-sweeping float, the KRONOS appeared before the whole of Singapore during the Chingay Parade 2007. The KR Steppers, KR’s very own cheerleading squad, also did the hall proud when they bagged the 1st Runner Up, along with the Best Team Spirit and Sunshine awards on their inaugural appearance at Cheerobics 2007.

Such achievements are by no means easy, and were the fruits of countless hours of sweat, toil, tears and burnt vacations. But in the face of all this, KR residents still found the time to catch up with their studies, organize suppers and random activities, hang out along each others’ corridors, and above all, to be there to support one another in every possible way.

Such is the spirit of a true Kentridgean, a spirit passed down through the generations, and one that will continue to burn brightly in the generations to come.

— By: Kelvin Chew

.: General Information :.

Address – 10 Heng Mui Keng Terrace S(119617)
Capacity – 507 Single Rooms & 5 Guest Rooms
Room Rates – Single Room: S$75 per week
Guest Room: See below for more information
Meal Plan – S$375 per semester
Includes Breakfast and Dinner (Mon – Fri: Breakfast and Dinner, Sat:Breakfast, Sun: Dinner)
Chinese, Muslim & Vegetarian meal plans available

 Air-conditioned gym
 Multi-purpose air-conditioned hall
 Air-conditioned study room
 Common Lounge & Kitchen in every block
 Seminar Rooms

Guest Rooms in Kent Ridge Hall
Number of Rooms – 5
Room Rate (Single Occupancy) – S$80 per day
Room Rate (Double Occupancy) – S$90 per day

Please visit the Residential Services website for more information.


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